Increasing home ownership affordability in Canada.


Home ownership is becoming increasingly out of reach for a growing number of Canadians. This website provides resources that assist in establishing new policies to increase home ownership affordability in Canada. 


“Properly-supported home ownership assistance can be an assured avenue out of poverty for a range of households in all sizes of communities across Canada.”

—  Shared statement, National workshop


On November 7, 2016, a national workshop of those seeking to increase affordability of home ownership was convened in Toronto by the Canadian Urban Institute in cooperation with Evergreen CityWorks and the Canadian Home Builders Association.

The workshop was prompted by a number of worrisome trends in the Canadian housing markets and by the federal government’s call for input into the National Housing Strategy and the 2017 Federal Budget. 

The outcome of the workshop was a Canada-wide coalition of non-profit affordable ownership housing producers and stakeholders, and a series of communication resources to support home ownership affordability.   

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